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Sleep disorder

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Improve sleep

During our research, we found that irresepctive of any Sleep disorder, majority of the people who do get proper sleep still feel sometimes that they want to improve their sleep and feel refreshed when they wake up


Insomnia is a very common Sleep disorder and can be caused by a wide variety of things like stress, medications, a health condition etc. The person having insomnia has trouble falling or staying asleep

Sleep Apnea

Many people having this order may not know that they've it. It is a disorder where a person's breathing is interrupted during sleep. People with untreated sleep apnea (unknowingly) stop brething (very briefly) during their sleep

Breathing exercises

We have collaborated with some of the experienced sleep experts in the world to create breathing exercises that help in various way. Some provides you energy at daytime to stay away to fall asllep during day so you get quality sleep at night and some designed to relax the mind and body and to get better sleep at night.

Yoga the way of Life

Yoga is the way of life invented by ancient Indians and followed by billions across the world. Yoga provides various mental and physical benefits and also help in coping-with Sleep disorder so that we can have better sleep. We've curated yoga that facilitate relaxation and sleep

Music to feel relaxed

It is the universally accepted truth that certain types of music relaxes the mind. Experience various mind-soothing music that induce relaxation and help you sleep better. Through research we have put together the music which helps to sleep better. By including this in daily-habits, person's quality of sleep gets improved.


A good laugh and a good sleep are the two best cures to calm ourselves and do away with our worries.

Sleep is one of the most important activity that all living creatures do, especially humans spend nearly 1/3 of the time sleping in the entire lifetime. To give it a perspective, if we consider average age till when humans live is 80 years then we spend about 27 years sleeping!

SleepyWorld was born with a mission to help people cope with Sleep disorder and improve their sleep so their overall health can be improved. And this wasn't out of just curiosity, a couple of our founding members had to sometimes cope-up with insomnia and that's where they started researching what can be done to combat it and get better sleep. And that's how it all started!

We at SleepyWorld understand the importance of better sleep and hence we have collaborated with some of the experienced sleep experts to create breathing exercises, identify yoga asanas and music that help in various way to relax the mind and body could help in improving the sleep or combating any Sleep disorder.

Frequently asked quetions

SleepyWorld is designed to help people who suffering from sleep problems. Our(Expert suggested) breath exercises and yoga help towards individuals sleep better and for the people who suffering from Insomnia and Sleep Apena.

We have categorised app content based upon color so user doesn't have to put so much effort in identifying the context of the content.
Blue - represents common color regardless of any sleep disorder
Brown - represents color for Insomnia. Helpful for the people who are suffering from Insomnia.
Green - represents Sleep Apnea. Helpful for the people who are suffering from Sleep Apnea.
Music is for all people but would have the color code based on the sleep disorder selection

Yes. The app is completely free to use as of now. Over the time, we will add paid features so that we can continue to support you in you sleep journey

We are here to help you improve your sleep. We will only ask for data that we require to fulfil the purpose of helping you get good sleep. We may share data with any 3rd party tools that would help us make your user-experience better and rewarding

Total minutes = 'Exercise performed minutes + Yoga Performed minutes + Music Performed minutes'
Your sleep improvements and levels will be decide based on the total minutes you've earned

Please feel free to write to us at with your query and we will help you with your query as soon as possible

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